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November is the month of the Holy Souls when all Catholics remember their departed loved ones in a special way by praying for their souls.
The Church Suffering, or souls in purgatory, comprises all those who, either because of venial sin or the temporal punishment due to mortal sin, have not attained sufficient purity of soul to be admitted to Heaven immediately after death.

Many Popes through the centuries have spoken favourably of the practice of praying for the Holy Souls and of offering good works for them. We should remember that, although the Holy Souls can no longer help themselves, they can intercede for us - which means that the Church Militant (that is us - still on earth) and the Church Suffering are united in prayer.

If you are in any doubt about the need to pray for the Holy Souls we encourage you to read the Article on this website entitled: ‘It is a Reality’.

We also recommend a book entitled: ‘30 Days for the Holy Souls’ – a collection of stories about Purgatory compiled by an Ursuline nun of Sligo, Ireland – published by Tan Books (ISBN.0-89555-799-1)