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9. The Teaching Authority of The Church today     View and download  HERE  (131Kb)
Using quotations from numerous reliable sources Michael and Rita Akerman set out in this leaflet the reasons, and the need, for our loyal and freely-given allegiance to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.                                                                                                        

10. The Catholic Response to Moral Issues today     View and download  HERE  (150Kb)
This leaflet is a synopsis of  'The Moral Dignity of Man' by Fr Peter Bristow - a book which explains the importance of Catholic moral teaching in the areas of family and medical ethics today.

11. The Story of a Betrayal     View and download  HERE  (130Kb)
This leaflet, written in 1992 by retired teacher and parish catechist Daphne McLeod, pulls no punches in summarising the contents of a book about religious education in the postconciliar years.  For many it has been a spur to action.
12. More in Sorrow     View and download  HERE  (133Kb)
In this leaflet, using her extensive experience as a Catholic teacher, Daphne McLeod examines the content of Here I Am, the religious education programme for primary schools introduced in 1992.  Her conclusions raise some serious questions.

13. A Straw in the Wind?     View and download  HERE  (135Kb)
An informative leaflet by Daphne McLeod who examines the guidance contained in the 1997 Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic schools - and reveals its shortcomings.


14. Defend us in the day of battle!                                       View and download  HERE  (124Kb)
A short collection of mini-sermons by a parish priest reminding us of the need for the faithful to be conversant with the Truths of our Faith when facing the many distractions and temptations of modern society.
15. Matt Talbot - A Man for Our Times                             View and download  HERE  (130Kb)
This leaflet, written by Rita Akerman, tells the inspirational and challenging story of Venerable Matt Talbot, the humble Dublin timber-yard worker who died in 1925.

16. Rediscovering the Sacred                                              View and download  HERE  (129Kb)
This is the text of the first talk given at the first Faith of our Fathers Conference at Central Hall-Westminster in May 1996.  The speaker was Fr. Andrew Wadsworth.

17. The Real Presence                                                         View and download  HERE  (151Kb)
In this leaflet Rita Akerman brings together details of twenty- two Eucharistic miracles each of which confirms the Truth of the Real Presence of Jesus in the consecrated Host  - especially for those who find it difficult to believe.

18. The Importance of Devotion to Mary                           View and download  HERE  (133Kb)
In this leaflet Michael Akerman, whose conversion to the Catholic Church was inspired by the example of his wife Rita, explains why devotion to the Mother of God is so important to our Faith.
19. Novena in Honour of the Holy Ghost                            View and download  HERE  (137Kb)
This Novena calls to mind the period between Our Lord's Ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  The leaflet, originally published in booklet form by the Holy Ghost Fathers of Maryland in the USA, includes meditations on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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