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1. Today’s Most Serious Threat to Our Faith                   View and download  HERE   (152Kb)
This leaflet by Michael and Rita Akerman is a synopsis of the first book to expose the widespread infiltration into the Catholic Church of New Age ideas, beliefs and practices.

2. Some Deceptions of the New Age Movement                 View and download  HERE  (138Kb)
This leaflet by Michael Akerman gives the reader an insight into some of the New Age beliefs and practices which can endanger the spiritual life of young and old alike.
3. New Age in Action (1) The Historical Perspective         View and download  HERE  (143Kb)
This leaflet, which was published originally in December 1992, is the first part of a three-part set comprising the text of a talk given by Michael Akerman to the Pro Fide Forum in London.

4. New Age in Action (2) The Relentless Infiltration          View and download  HERE  (156Kb)
This is the second of a three-part set of leaflets by Michael Akerman highlighting and commenting on the infiltration of New Age beliefs and practices into the Church in Britain.

5. New Age in Action (3) The Measured Response            View and download  HERE  (135Kb)
This leaflet, the third of a three-part set by Michael Akerman, offers practical suggestions for Catholics who want to respond positively when they encounter New Age influences in society as well as in their parishes and schools.
6. Spiritual Anarchy - The New Age Threat                        View and download HERE  (164Kb)
This leaflet is the text of a talk given by Michael Akerman at the sixth 'Faith of our Fathers' Conference in Central Hall - Westminster, London, on June 29th 2002 - the Feast of  St.Peter & St.Paul.

7. Yoga - A Spiritual Health Warning                                 View and download  HERE  (134Kb)
The spiritual tradition of which Yoga is a part provides a pathway into other beliefs and practices which are incompatible with our Faith.  This leaflet by Michael Akerman outlines the dangers.

8. The Da Vinci Code - Unveiling the Untruths                   View and download  HERE  (134Kb)
Written by Michael and Rita Akerman this leaflet is a synopsis of  The Da Vinci Hoax - an important book which exposes the numerous errors and misleading information in Dan Brown's book.

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