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This apostolate was launched in September 1989 with a leaflet entitled 'The Teaching Authority of the Church' which emphasised the importance of the Magisterium in the daily life of all Catholics.  
The following summer we received from the United States a book called 'The Unicorn in the Sanctuary' which dealt with the impact of the New Age Movement on the Catholic Church.
We quickly realised that many fellow Catholics would either not have access to the book or would not have the time to read it and would therefore lack some vitally important knowledge.  However, with the author's permission, we wrote a synopsis of the book and had it printed as a leaflet.  In January 1991 our synopsis was reproduced as an article in the magazine 'Christian Order' stating that the leaflet could be obtained from M.A.Associates.

By the Spring of that year more than 8,000 copies of the leaflet had been sent out in response to requests from readers.  Since then more titles dealing with the spiritual dangers of New Age beliefs and practices have been added, as well as other subjects ranging from education to medical ethics and from devotion to Our Lady to the inspiring story of the Venerable Matt Talbot.  Now, by means of this website, these leaflets can be read on-line or downloaded and photocopied for distribution among friends and family and in your local parish for personal study.
M.A.Associates publish well-presented 'breakfast table' leaflets on highly topical Catholic issues.  Over 35,000 have been distributed and their importance has inspired many recipients to photocopy them for local distribution thereby raising awareness.  Several of the leaflets have been reproduced as magazine articles. The text of each of these leaflets may be selected from our Leaflets pages and read on-line or downloaded.