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This page has articles containing warnings about Enneagrams, Reiki and Yoga.

All our publications are in the document standard Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format. If you do not have a copy of the reader software to display this format, please install it from the Adobe website http://www.Adobe.com before downloading our publications.
Article Descriptions
A Warning About the Enneagram:                                                              View and download  HERE (114Kb)

These notes pinpoint the ways in which this programme (often promoted at retreat centres) is liable to undermine your faith.
A Warning about Reiki:                                                                              View and download  HERE (110Kb)

These notes illustrate clearly why this widespread practice should be avoided - because it is contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church.
A Warning about Yoga:                                                                               View and download  HERE (112Kb)

These notes demonstrate why this activity is unsuitable for all Christians, many of whom see nothing in yoga other than exercise.  It is much more than 'just exercise'.