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This page contains articles concerning Renew International, Thoughts written on D-Day plus sixty and the hidden dangers of New Age.

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Article Descriptions
Renew International Comes To Westminster:                                           View and download  HERE (118Kb)

This article exposes the shortcomings of the 'At Your Word, Lord' programme of renewal.   It  first appeared in the Autumn 2003 issue of The Flock, the newsletter of the lay organisation Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice.
A War Waged to Defeat Evil:                                                                      View and download  HERE (138Kb)

This thought-provoking article, subtitled 'Thoughts written on D-Day plus sixty', was published in the magazine Christian Order in October 2004.
Hidden Dangers of the New Age:                                                                View and download  HERE (144Kb)

This article, which reveals the spiritual traps concealed in New Age theories, appeared in the August 2006 edition of Mass of Ages - the magazine of the Latin Mass Society.
An Article for November

It is a Reality - an article by Rita Akerman                                                 View and download  HERE (144Kb)

This article was originally published in the magazine ‘Home of the Mother’ Issue Nov/Dec 2001.